~GLOBAL Mission~

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it."

~OUR Mission~

Our level of care is exceeded only by our caring. We will help our patients reach their pinnacle of optimal health and wellbeing by easing their pain. Our goal is to spend the time needed with each individual and create a plan “just for you” that includes an alliance of health professionals working as a team to alleviate your pain and assist in improving your health and wellness through a whole body approach.





The report along with recommendations will be provided, so you can take this to your other doctors. Dr Lewis and Angelie Melzer will be available to your regular physicians if they want to call and discuss or query any of our recommendations, or ask for advice or support.

The entire plan will be presented to you  and discussed personally with in a follow-up phone consultation, included in the initial consultation fee.

Pain Management Clinics


Our focus is to give personalized attention with a 90 minute initial consultation vs. the 10-15 minutes spent traditionally. We will be your team. We will diagnose and assess not only the source of pain, but analyze all aspects of the your life that may be additive contributors, including your health in general, overmedication, habitual movement patterns, nutritional/metabolic issues and sometimes possible psychogenic or genetic issues. After the initial 2-hour consultation with Dr Lewis, you will have a 1 hour movement assessment with Angelie Melzer. 

OPSA team is there every step of the way!

“I came to Team Pilates a year ago with the hope that I could find someone to help me recover from a hip injury and the resulting pain and muscle weakness. After my initial consultation with Angelie I was convinced I had found exactly the right person and place. Angelie knows more about the body and how it works that anyone else I have worked with. She is creative and always has a different way to approach a challenging problem. In my year of working with her, I have gained core strength and built up muscle mass in all of my body." ~Alison Dyer

 This team of experts will then formulate a comprehensive individualized assessment and both short and long-term plans to optimize well being in every way. This may include recommendations regarding medications, injections, exercise, and supplements but these will NOT be the only options included in a personalized plan. Depending on individual problems, all options will be discussed  and their relative risk versus benefit ratios. We will help guide you as to the right type of physical modalities that are appropriate for your particular musculoskeletal or pain challenges, as well as nutritional, naturopathic and psychological approaches that will work best for your particular problems.  We will then direct you to the most fitting practitioners in our alliance for your personalized plan, in order to provide the fastest and best results.